INGREDIENTS: Oil, Jeera, Soamp, Red chillies, Pepper corns (miriyalu), Dhaniya (coriander seeds), Onions, Green chillies, Ginger garlic paste, tomatoes, Mutton (leg pieces), Badham paste, Cashew paste, Salt, Garam masala, Kadai masala, Coriander

  • Kadai masala : Place frying pan on stove, fry jeera, soamp, red chillies, dhaniya and pepper corns one by one without oil, cool them and grind them into an fine powder
  • Now in the same, frying pan heat 3-4 spoons of oil
  • Add chopped onions, green chillies, ginger garlic paste and saute well
  • Then add tomatoes, mutton pieces, salt, spoon of kadai masala, mix well and close the lid for few minutes
  • Now add spoon of badham paste, cashew paste, little water and saute it
  • Again close the lid for few minutes
  • Finally add little garam masala, kadai masala, coriander and mix once and dish out
  • Garnish with coriander, tomato fingers and sprinkle little kadai masala & serve..


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