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Light up your life with Diwali! It is a festival that means as much to Hindus as Christmas means to Christians. Whatever religion you are, join in the festivity that is "The Festival of Lights". It prevails of Good Over Evil.
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  1. Before the Diwali day, thoroughly clean the house. Do the laundry, clean all the rooms and sort out your papers. It is like doing spring cleaning.
  2. The day of, it is common to wear new clothes and jewels. If you are a woman, try to obtain a sari, traditional Indian women's dress. If you are a girl, wear an Indian blouse and top, while men should wear kurthas, the national Indian men's clothes.
  3. In the evening, light small oil lamps (called "diyas") and place them around the home. Turn all the lights on and light some candles. The lamp symbolizes knowledge.
  4. Perform a "Lakshmi pooja" to seek divine blessings from the Goddess of Wealth. The actual steps can be found in this particular website, <http://www.diwalifestival.org/lakshmi-pooja.html>.
  5. Exchange gifts and sweets with close friends and family. Explode some fireworks. Play a game of cards with friends and family with a bit of gambling for fun.
  • There are many names describing this festival: Diwali, Divali, Devali, Deepavali. It just depends from what region you originate from in India.
  • Here is some background knowlege of why Diwali is celebrated.
    • in North India, people celebrate the return of Rama to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana and Rama's coronation as king.
    • in Gujarat, people honor Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.
    • in Bengal, Kali, Goddess of Time is honored.

  • Diwali signifies the renewal of life and hence starting a new project or business is considered auspicious during these celebrations.
  • The legend behind gambling on Diwali is that Goddess Parvati played dice with her husband Lord Shiva and declared that whoever gambles on Diwali night would prosper throughout the coming year.
  • Oil lamps can be created by pouring a small amount of oil (can use cooking oil) and then rolling half a cotton ball to look like a long spaghetti string. Dip this string in the oil and then light it.
  • Firecrackers should be used by adults. Children using firecrackers should be watched over by the responsible adult.
  • Certain places, regions, states, cities do not allow the use of firecrackers and is considered illegal, so please check before purchasing them.
  • Do not place diyas in areas where there are chances of fires starting or children tipping over them.
  • Gambling is just played for fun and in no means implies that you bargain all your money.
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