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                              I am an home maker, who found very interesting to cook after getting married to an marvelous person Naveen. We stay in garden city, Bangalore , the fifth largest city in India is the capital of Karnataka. The presence of many parks and botanical gardens gave the name of ' Garden city ' to Bangalore. with very pleasant climate, and very peaceful area.

Cooking our FAVORITE Indian food recipes has never been easier before getting married, But now, I feel it’s very simple, interesting and enjoy to cook mums and grand ma’s recipes

If you're ready to cook and taste, spicy Indian recipes you have come to the right place. Anybody...even YOU...can cook with ease if you have proper instructions. Prathis new trails will provide good info for you. Not only indian, you can also find few other recepie's.

 All dishes mentioned in this site will have detailed information on what to do and how to do? Don’t get overwhelmed on the procedure. It will be easy when you start doing. All the dishes can be done by single person, if you have helping hand, having them besides you will be encouraging. Easy Indian food will help you to find great collection of recipes with step by step instruction in preparing the dish along with the images besides…

Along with recepie's, you can also find healthy tips, to maintain good health, nutritious values of vegetables, quick bites for easy and instant preparation of food...
I write about the recipes that have been inspired by fellow bloggers, recipes from my mum especially, magazines, cookbooks or recipes from a friend or relative.
I appreciate your comments and emails and always try my best to be prompt in my reply. Sometimes due to hectic schedule, it might not be possible to answer your queries/emails promptly, but I do always get back as soon as I can.

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