INGREDIENTS: Oil, Sugar, Water,  Maida / Maize flour, Dalda, Salt, Milk, Elachi, Cashew


  • Take 150 ml of warm milk

  • Add a table spoons full of dalda to it

  • Mix well milk and dalda without any lumps (takes around 10 minutes easily)

  • Add maida, pinch of salt to it and make to fine dough (as we do for chapathis / puris)

  • Let it stay for 10 minutes

  • Besides prepare sugar syrup

  • Add 1 cup of sugar and little water to it

  • Make it as thiga pakam

  • Add pinch of elachi to it and mix well

  • Using the dough , roll to small puris

  • Make it to triangular shape by folding

  • Deep fry in oil till golden brown

  • Place them directly into the sugar syrup

  • Let them stay for 5 minutes

  • Take out and garnish with cashews

  • Yummy yummy padharu peni is ready to serve now..

  • Tastes good when hot or chilled