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5:57 AM
INGREDIENTS: Ghee, Milk, Saggubiyyam(sago), Sugar, Saripappu


  • Soak sago in water for one night or 3 hours (depends on the type of sago you take)

  • Drain water completely

  • Take bowl, pour 3 glasses of milk and boil

  • While boiling add 1 glass of  sago, wait till sago boils

  • Add sugar only after sago gets boiled (else sago remain unboiled)

  • Stir well once till sugar gets dissolves, off flame

  • Fry dryfruits in ghee in an seperate pan

  • Add fried dry fruits into the  bowl

  • Refrigerate till cooled (optional)

  • Serve chill, tastes good when served hot also


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