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6:04 AM
INGREDIENTS: Avalu (mustard seeds), Jeera (cumin seeds), Urad dal (vudhiballu), Chenna dal (bengalgram, senagaballu), Peanuts (groundnut seeds), Salt, Green chillies, Red Chillies, Onions, Turmeric, Curry leaves, Coriander, Coconut, Garlic cloves, Tamarind

  • Boil chopped cabbage in pressure cooker by adding pinch of salt and turmeric {If not can be done directly in kadaialso after popu / thadka is done by closing the lid and by sprinkling little water}

  • Cool them and drain water completely

  • Drained water can be used as soup by adding little salt and pepper

  • Place frying pan on flame

  • Heat 2 spoons of oil

  • Add avalu, jeera, urad dal, chenna dal, curry leaves and fry

  • Add chopped onions, cut green chillies and toss till transparent

  • Add cabbage and cook till water evaporates or dry

  • Add salt, turmeric and mix well

  • In a mixy jar add peanuts, coconut, red chillies, garlic cloves,tamarind and make an fine powder

  • Add grinded and roasted peanut powder

  • Cook for 5 more minutes

  • Dish out and garnish with coriander

  • Tastes good with rice, chapathis......


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