Cooked ridge guard fry for your lunch, what didi u do with the peeled skin ?
Heres an simple chutney using leftout ridge guard peeled skin, very tasty and no drop of oil is used

INGREDIENTS: Beerakaya pottu (ridge guard peeles skin), Salt. Green chillies, Seasame (nuvvulu), Tamarind


  • Chop ridge guard skin and clean well using water

  • Place frying pan on flame

  • Add seasame seeds and fry till colour changes

  • Add green chillies, chopped ridge guard and fry till raw small goes off

  • Add salt, tamarind and fry for few minutes

  • Cool all the ingredients

  • Blend to fine paste using very little water (if required only)

  • Interested people can ad little jaggery also (bellam)

  • Beerakaya pottu chutney is ready now

  • Serve hot with cooked rice or chapathis..


  1. i like Ur dishes very much. i Lear cooking by following Ur special cooking's.......a special thanks for u .