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5:24 AM
INGREDIENTS: Plain rice flour (biyyapindi), Soar Curd (pullani perugu), Salt, Green chilly paste, Sago
(saggubiyyam), Oil

  • Soak sago in water for over night or 3 hours (depends on the type of sago you take)

  • Drain water completely

  • In a big bowl,

  • Add rice flour, salt, green chilly paste, sago, 12 spoons of hot oil, mix well

  • Add soar curd and knead to fine dough by adding little little curd slowly

  • Heat oil in an kadai

  • Place sago dough in murukula gottam , use big holes plate in it

  • Once oil is hot, slowly drop sago dough in the oil from the top
  • Heat in medium flame till golden brown

  • Take out in an paper plate napkin

  • Cool it an store in an air tight container

  • This stays for long period

  • Goes well as snack or for time pass, for journeys ...


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