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4:50 AM
INGREDIENTS: Butter (or) Dalda, Mustar (avalu), Jeera (cumin), Curry leaves, Coriander, Green chillies,
Salt, Garlic cloves, Soar Curd (pullani perugu), Rice, Onions, Pudhina (mint leaves)


  • Place pressure cooker o flame

  • Heat 2 tabl spns of butter or dalda

  • Add cumin, mustard, curry leaves, coriander, mint and fry for while

  • Add garlic cloves aroud 15 pieces and fry till brownish

  • Add cut onion slices, slit green chillies and cook for a while

  • Add 3 glasses of soar curd and 3 glasses of water and bring them to boil

  • Make sure that the curd is very soar (pulupu / pullani perugu), If not squeeze lemon juice into it

  • Add 1 glass of rice and mix well

  • Close the lid of pressure cooker and cook for 6-7 whistles

  • Off flame, once pressure is over, open the lid

  • Mix well and dish out

  • Garnish with coriander and mint leaves

  • Serve hot ..

  • Goes well for lunch or dinner, even as an break fast or snack also


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