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INGREDIENTS: Sengapindi (gram flour), Salt, Green chillies, Oil, Water, Onions, Jeera powder (cumin
seeds powder), Cooking Soda


  • Prepare batter using gram flour, salt an water

  • Add pinch of cooking soda

  • Make straight slit on green chillies

  • Remove seeds from it

  • Mix jeera powder nad salt in a bowl

  • Place this mix in green chillies

  • Dip it in the batter and deep fry in oil

  • Deep fry in medium flame

  • Take out and cut into small pieces

  • Deep fry once again to roast well

  • Cutmirchi is ready to serve

  • Dish out , garnish with chopped onion and lemon juice

  • Serve hot hot....

  • Goes well with tomato ketchup


  1. We order it regularly at sraeevl of the local restaurants. This recipe is just as good. I made it for the first time yesterday, I'm sure with a little love' I can make it better than the local restaurants' recipes.