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INGREDIENTS:  Pepper corns - 1/2 tbl spn, Fenu greek seeds (menthulu) - 1/2 tbl spn, Urad dal (vuhiballu/vudhipappu) -  2 tbl spns, Seasame (white nuvvulu) - 2 tbl spns, Hing (inguva) - 1/2 t spn, Turmeric (pasupu) - pinch, Red chillies, Salt, Oil, Jaggery (bellam) , Tamarind paste, Cooked rice,


  • Place frying pan on flame

  • Roast pepper corns, fenu greek seeds, urad dal, seasame

  • Off flame, add turmeric, hing and mix well

  • Cool all the ingredients

  • Add them into mixy jar, along with it add red chillies, salt, jaggery and grind to fine powder

  • In the same frying pan add 12 table spoons of oil

  • Add red chillies, few green chillies (optional), fry well

  • Add tamarind pulp as required , make sure it is very thick and not watery

  • Let it boil for 20 minutes

  • Add the grinded powder, mix well

  • Leave for 7-10 minutes, close the lid

  • Keep on mixing in middle, maintain medium flame

  • Once when you observe the oil floating at the corners. it an symbol that the paste is ready

  • Make sure that the paste is not very liquid / dilute

  • Dish out to an bowl, this can be stored

  • Mix the paste with cooked rice when required

  • Let it stay for halfen hour to taste still more good

  • Mouth watering puliogare is ready

  • Tastes as prasadhams that is similar to tirumala balajii temple

  • Pepper puliogare is now ready to serve

  • Garnish with coriander and serve ...


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