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INGREDIENTS: Custard powder, Sugar, Milk, Apple, Marie biscuits, Sweet Bread, Tutu fruity, Cherries, Chocolate bar, Vanilla essence


  • Take a bowl, put 2 table spoons of custard powder in it, add 1/4th cup of milk from 500ml of milk to make a smooth paste

  • Boil the remaining milk, then add 6 table spoons of sugar, let it mix finely

  • Off flame, add the custard milk mix slowly and keep on stirring to avoid lumps

  • Place it again in low flame, and keep on stirring continuously without any lumps (taste it and add sugar if required)

  • It tastes so sweet while boiling but once when cooled sweetness decreases

  • Finally take out from flame, add t spn of vannila essence and few tuty fruity

  • Mix well

  • Lets arrange the layers of tuffle custard now in an rectangular bowl

  • Cut the brown edges of bread (we r going to make use of them)

  • Make a layer of white part bread slices evenly

  • Give topping by one layer of custard

  • Next place marie biscuits one layer and again custrad topping

  • Next one layer of cut apple pieces and again custard on it

  • Add the remaining leftout custard as topping

  • Garnish with cherries

  • Grate chocolate bar as the other topping for garnishing

  • If not you can add chocolate granules

  • Place it in refrigerator for 30 minutes for setting

  • Serve chilled for your family and guests...

  • Stays for a around 15 days when placed in fridge


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