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Renigayala vadalu - amla is a combination of Renigayalu in salt, hing, jaggery and green chillys,  very tasty to eat, Good for digestion, Reduces heavyness in stomac, Controls if any vomit sensation, Ladies feels to eat at the time of pregnency and tatse good for the tongue.., Can be taken for journeys ..

INGREDIENTS:  Regipandlu / Renigayalu , Salt, Jaggery, Hing (inguva), Green chillies

  • Take a mixy jar
  • Add regipandlu, salt, green chillies in required quantities
  • Add little jaggery and pinch of hing in required quantities
  • Grind well into kacha pacha paste 
  • Take out into a bowl
  • Place plastic cover or sheet in sun light
  • Make the grinded paste into small vadas and place an small hole in middle
  • Let them pat dry till moisture evaporates completely
  • Take minimum 4-5 days in good sun light
  • Store them in an container
  • Stays for around 10-12 months easily when dried properly
  • Tastes good at any time..


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