INGREDIENTS: Capsicums / bell peppers / lavu marapakayalu, Oil, Jeera (cumin), Onion, Corian
der, Roasted peanuts, Salt, Red chillies, Dry coconut, Coriander seeds (dhaniya), Tamarind, Garlic


  • Chop onions and capsicums into small cubes

  • Place frying pan on flame

  • Heat 3 table spoons of oil

  • Add cumin, onions and fry till translucent

  • Add chopped capsicums, salt and close the lid in medium flame for 5 minutes

  • Mean while, take a mixy jar

  • Add salt, tamarind, garlic cloves, red chillies, dhaniya, groundnuts, dry coconut and grind into fine powder

  • Dnt add any water to it

  • Check if capsicum is cooked or not

  • Add the grinded mix into it and mix well

  • Fry for few seconds, off flame

  • Dish out and garnish with chopped coriander

  • Goes well with rice, chapathis ...


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