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This goes directly to contest at Manjulas kitchen .. thats one of the good site, where she uploads videos of cooking recepies as seen in vahrevah..com. Today i am posting an veg roll, easy to prepare and eat

INGREDIENTS:  Carrot - 1 cup, Tomato (deseeded) -  1/2 cup, Capsicums- 1/2 cup, Sweet corn - 1/2 cup, Oil - 1 tbl spn, 1/4th cup beaten Curd, 1 t spn Chilly powder, 1/4th t spn Turmeric powder, 1/2 t spn Ginger paste, 1/4th t spn Garlic paste, 1/4th t spn Bengal gram flour (besan flour), 1/2 t spn Chat masala, 1/2 t spn kasurimethi, 1/2  t spn Garam masala, Salt to taste, Chapathis / tortilas / rotis


  • Place frying pan on flame

  • Heat oil, add ginger paste, garlic paste, turmeric and fry for a while

  • Add cut carrot and saute till half cooked

  • Add capsicum, sweet corn and fry till soft

  • Add tomato and mix well

  • Dilute besan flour in beaten curd and add to the vegetables and fry for 2 minutes

  • Add garam masala, kasurimethi, chilly powder, chat masala, salt and cook for few minutes

  • Dish out and drain out excess liquid (if any)

  • Place the stuffing in prepared chapathis /tortilas..

  • Cut into two halfes , roll it and wrap in an silver foil and serve hot

  • Delicious caroot kathi veg rolls are ready now

  • Tastes good as it is or goes well with green chutney


  • Mix up all the ingredients, toss lightly

  • Let it marinate for 10 minutes

  • Arrange carrot,corn, capsicum, tomatoes on a greased microwave safe dish

  • Microwave using microwave+grill option at 70% power for 5 minutes

  • Divide the stuff into equal portions

  • Drain out excess liquid

  • Spread one portion of filling in centre of each tortilas / chapathis / rotis  and roll up tightly

  • When u need to serve , micro wave the rolls on high for 1 minute

  • Cut into two halfes , roll it and wrap in an silver foil and serve hot ..

  • Goes well with green chutney

  • Addition of paneer and green peas also goes well


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