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One of the Famous North Indian street foods, easy to prepare and tasty to eat..


FOR PURIS : Dalda - 1 tbl spoon, Maida (maize flour) - 1 cup, Salt

FOR STUFFING IN DOUGH : Dhaniyala podi - 1 tbl spoon, Salt, Red chilly powder, Besan flour (senagapindi) - 3 spoons, Oil


GREEN MUNG BEAN FRY : Pesalu (green mung bean), Oil, Avalu (mustard seeds), Red chilly powder,

RAITHA : Tomato, Onions, Curd

SWEET SAUCE : 2 tbl  spoons of tamarind pulp, 6 tbl spoons of jaggery (bellam)


  • Take a bowl , add maida, salt, maida and knead to fine chapathi dough

  • Make them into small puris and keep

  • Mix salt, red chilly powder, dhaniya powder, besan flour, little oil in a cup

  • Place this mix in the prepared puris

  • Close the puri , along all the edges

  • Roll it again into small puris

  • Place an kadai and heat oil for deep fry

  • Deep fry the prepared puris in it and take out into paper napkin plate

  • Puris for dikachori are ready now

  • We need to prepare green mung fry, raitha and sweet sauce for stuffing now, for this

  • Soak green mung bean for 8 hours or over night

  • Boil pesalu/green mung bean in pressure cooker

  • Drain water completely

  • Place frying pan on flame

  • Heat 2 spoons of oil

  • Fry avalu, red chillies , green mung bean lightly, Off flame and keep aside

  • Green mung fry is ready to place in dikachori

  • Prepare raitha in another bowl

  • For this, chop onion, tomato and mix them in soar curd with little salt and keep aside

  • Raitha is ready to ad into dikachori

  • Prepare sweet sauce , for this

  • In a bowl add tamarind pulp, jaggery juice, mix well

  • Make sure you are taking tamarind pulp thickly

  • Filter it and take into a bowl,

  • Sweet Sauce is ready

  • Our sweet sauce, raitha and green mung bean fry are ready to stuff

  • Take the prepared puris, place small hole on the top

  • Add green mung bean stuff, raitha, sauce and serve ....

  • Famous North Indian street chat is ready now..


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