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6:31 AM
INGREDIENTS: Dry coconut, Salt, Red chillies, Groundnuts / peanuts, Legumes / Pappulu, Onion,
Jaggery / bellam, Tamarind / Chinthapandu, Bitter guard / Kakarakaya, Oil, Turmeric


  • Fry all the above ingredients

  • Let them cool

  • Grind well into fine powder and keep aside

  • Peel of the one single outer layer of bitter guard

  • Chop it or grate it finely

  • Soak it in water, pinch of turmeric and salt for 20 minutes

  • Drain water completely

  • Fry well in oil (consumes more oil) till it changes to golden brown colour

  • Once bitter guard is fried,

  • Add the grinded mixy powder to it and mix well

  • Dish out into a serving bowl and garnish

  • Goes well with rice, chapathis ..

  • This can be stored in an air tight box for 2 weeks easily


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