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Heres an healthy toast for kids especilly, who dsnt take green leafy vegetables or aakuralu directly

INGREDIENTS:  Bread, Onion - 1 big , Tomato - 1 big , Carrot - 1 big, Green Chilly, Salt, Curd -  2 tbl spns, Bombay Rava(semolina) - 2 tbl spoons, Amaranth leaves (thotakura) - 1/2 bunch, Butter / Ghee


  • Take a bowl to that add chopped onion, tomato, thotakura, green chilly, grated carrot, salt, coriander, fried rava  and curd

  • Mix well all as thick gravy

  • Now take bread slices and on the top of the slice apply the mixed gravy and fry it on the pan using ghee/butter

  • Repeat this on both sides

  • Cut it into two triangular shapes and serve hot..


  1. Dear, the toast is so yummy as well healthy..lovely click..