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Famous indian traditional food, loved by many andhra people, stays for long time, one of my granys  and mums recepie , prefferably can be carried along with us for long journeys, sajjalu very healthy and give us good strength mixed along with peanuts that provide rich health to kids especially, these are combined to prepare rotte thats very crispy and tasty...

1 cup Sajjalu ( millet flour, cleaned and powdered in flour mill)
1 cup Groundnuts / Peanuts powder
Salt for taste
Red chilly seeds - 1 tb spn
Jeera (cumin seeds) - 1 t spn
Seasame seeds (nuvvulu) - 2 tb spn

  • Take a bowl
  • Knead all the ingredients into fine thick dough
  • Roll them into rottes, using chapathi roller stick
  • Place tawa on flame
  • Roast them on both sides in medium flame
  • Place under stove, not to loose crispyness
  • Stays around 10 days without spoiling
  • Serves good with Onion chutney


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