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This is not a joke, its working, many of my cousins, aunts,uncles tried this. This is the recepie, where my aunt got from one of the yoga follower guy, this worked out successfully for many of them. It contains just all the natural pulses and dry fruits easily available to all of us in markets, easy to prepare and follow..But this has to be taken in night times without any food, you can eat stomach full your breakfast, lunch and snack, but just avoid dinner and drink this for full stomach


Ragulu (Ragi) - 1 cup
Godhamalu (wheat) -1 cup
Boiled rice (uppudu biyyam) - 1 cup
Atukulu (rice flakes) - 1 cup
Pesalu (green mung bean) - 1 cup
Pappulu (legumes) -  1/4th cup
Cashews, Badham - 25 gms
Elachi (cardamon) - 4 pieces
Sonti (dry ginger)  - 1/2 inch

  • Fry all the ingredients, one by one in low flame till colour changes lightly
  • Cool them, give it to flour mill and ask for fine flour
  • This can now be stored in an container for long period
  • Take 2 t spoons of powder and mix it in 1/2 t glass of milk without any lumps
  • Place bowl on stove top
  • Add the prepared powder milk mix
  • Add 200ml of milk, 300 ml of water and mix well
  • Ratios can also be decreased to 150 and 200 ml, if you cant drink that much quantity
  • While boiling add 4-5 spoons of sugar (optional)
  • Let it boil for 5-7 minutes in medium flame
  • Keep on stirring in continuously while boiling  in middle
  • Off flame, let it cool a little
  • Now the drink is ready to have..
  • Give you good result, try out for a month challengingly
  • Check your weight before you start and later after using it for a month
  • Stay fit , have good health, enjoy your life!!!!!


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