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Its an old traditional food, done during olden days, tastes very delicious when eaten by dipping in fresh curd, this stays even for 3-4 days when cooked properly, but consumes more oil

INGREDIENTS: Oil, Sajja pindi (millet flour) 4 cups, Fried Peanuts powder 1 cup, Salt, Green chilly paste, Chopped Onions, Fresh green Peas, Fresh Alasandhalu (black eyed peas / optional) 

  • Mix all the above ingredients in an bowl, other than oil
  • Knead it into thick dough using water
  • Make small puri sized thick rottes as many as required on an greased (applied oil) cover
  • Place big bowl on flame (copper bottom vessel works good for this), heat 10 tbl spns of oil
  • Place one by one and roast them in medium flame
  • Close the lid and cook,
  • Turn to the other side in middle and roast on both sides (optional / can be roasted one side and pressure cooked the other side)
  • Takes around 5 minutes to cook
  • Dish out and serve
  • Tastes good when dipped in curd mixed with green chilly paste and salt 


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