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1:31 AM
Tamarind paste, easy to prepare and can be stored for many months once done, available in markets also but very costly, you will come to know once when you start preparing this in homes, this makes the work easier and simple, can be used immediately when ever required....

INGREDIENTS: Tamarind, Salt, Water

  • Take 1 cup of tamarind
  • Remove the seeds, and sticks present in it
  • Add 1 cup of water to it after cleaned properly
  • Mix well and add half the cup of crystal salt to it
  • Mix well and leave it for 1 day
  • Later, mash well using your hand 
  • Make them into small portions 
  • Store it in an container
  • Use as needed when ever required in dishes 
  • Just add little water take out the pulp and use
  • If not can be used directly into the dishes also....


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