11:21 AM

INGREDIENTS: Custard powder, Apples, Pomogranate(Dhanimma), Milk, Cashews, Badam, Sugar, Fresh Coconut

  • Take a pan, boil 1/2 lt milk in it, add required quantity of sugar while boiling
  • Into a samll a cup take 4 spoons of custard powder and dilute it using milk or water
  • Add this diluted powder into boiling milk pan
  • Start stirring until the milk gets thickens
  • Now add cashew and badam pieces
  • Off stove when custard get thickens, cool it for 10 minutes, take into serving bowl
  • Now add grated apple, fresh coconut grated, pomogrante seeds, mix well
  • Refrigerate chill, and serve cool
  • Garnish using pomogranate seeds and grated coconut


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