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10:30 PM

Wish u all a very Happy valentines day, heres an valentines day special mouth watering recepie for you, my hubby is very fond of sweets and  planned to surprise him on this valentines day gifting that, this is simple to prepare and very very yummy, tastes very tender, juicy, hope you too can celebrate our day by preparing this ...

INGREDIENTS: Fresh Sugarless Pala Kova, Orange food colour, Sugar, Midha, Oil, Elachi powder, Cooking soda, Cashew nuts

  • Take a bowl, add 2 cups of fresh kova, 4 table spoons of midha and a pinch of cooking soda into it and hand blend
  • Knead into soft dough
  • Place wet cloth on it for halfen hour (30 minutes)
  • Now using dough, make like chapathi and cut them into love shapes (or your own shape)
  • Deep fry those cutlets in oil till golden brown in low flame
  • Now make sugar syrup (for 1glass of sugar add 1 glass of water), boil it for 10- 15 minutes 
  • Wait till you observe honey colour,off flame
  • Now add food colour and elachi powder into sugar syrup (optional)
  • Soak deep fried cutlets into the syrup for 5-10 minutes
  • Take out and serve cool....
  • Garnish with fried cashew nuts
  • This can be stored for 10-15 days
Even this can be done using gulab jamun powder (optional)...


  1. Hi Prathi...ur blog is amazing!!!!

    i appreciate your efforts in building this blog..thanks buddy as it helps us...

    keep going...