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INGREDIENTS: Dry tamarind leaves, Ground nuts / Pea nuts, Red chillies, Salt, Garlic cloves, Oil

  • Place frying pan on flame
  • Heat 2 spoons of oil and fry 1 cup of dry tamarind leaves and keep aside
  • Now in the same pan, fry few red chillies
  • Then fry 1 cup of groundnuts
  • Let them all cool
  • Now take a mixy jar,
  • Add dry chinta aku, red chillies, salt, garlic cloves, grounnuts and grind them as an fine powder
  • Take out in an box and can be stored in your kitchen with pickles section
  • This stays for many months without any smell or insecticides
  • Serves good with rice, mango pickle and ghee
  • Pickle is optional


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