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6:29 AM
INGREDIENTS: Mushrooms sliced, Butter, Crushed garlic cloves, Bread slices, Mustard (Avalu), Soar cream, Hung Curd (pullani perugu), Pepper

  • Heat frying pan and melt butter on it
  • When sizzling add sliced mushrooms in to it
  • Cook on high flame till mushrooms are tender and juicy
  • Apply butter on the 2 bread slices and toast them
  • Add mustard, salt, pepper, in mushrooms with 4 table spoons of soured cream or hung curd and off the flame
  • Now place toasted bread slices in an plate
  • Serve the prepared mushroom sauce over the bread slices
  • Finally spoon the remaining cream on top
  • Yummy mushroom toast is ready to eat now..


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