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5:10 AM
INGREDIENTS: Oil, Onions, Ginger garlic paste, Alu, Mushrooms, Salt, Dhaniya powder, Garam masala, Coriander, Red chilly powder, Turmeric

  • Boil alu, peel the outer, cut it into cubes
  • Clean mushrooms, cut them into rounds
  • Place frying pan on flmae, heat 3 spoons of oil
  • Add chopped onions, ginger garlic paste and cook for awhile
  • Now add cut alu, mushrooms , salt and toss it
  • Add pinch of turmeric, red chilly powder, dhaniya powder, garam masala and saute well
  • Finally turn off flame, squeeze lemon if interested
  • Dish out and garnish with coriander
  • Serves good with tomato sauce...


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