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8:15 AM
INGREDIENTS: Oil, Rajma, Onions, Fresh coconut, Salt, Green chilly, Red chilly powder, Garam masala

  • Soak rajma in water for one full night
  • Cut the edges of onions, remove the inner small onion slowly by leaving outer two layers to make onion bulbs for stuffing the curry
  • Make such as many as you require
  • Chop the taken out small onions
  • Place pan on flame, heat 3-4 spoons of oil
  • Add chopped onions, fry till golden brown
  • Now add green chillies chopped, Rajme and cook for a while
  • Then add red chilly powder, salt, garam masala, and saute well
  • Add fresh grated coconut and mix well
  • Dish out and let the stuffing cool
  • Now stuff the prepared curry into the onions by closing one end on your palm
  • Stuff such as many as you require
  • Press the stuffing tightly
  • Now heat oil in pan once again
  • Place those stuffed onions in it and steam cook by closing the lid for 5 minutes
  • In middle keep on turning to cook evenly on both sides
  • Dish out and garnish
  • Serves good with rotis, chapatis, or as an snack


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