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4:01 AM
INGREDIENTS: Dosa batter, Onion, Green chilly, Jeera(cumin seeds), Coriander, Mustard seeds(avalu), Salt, Fried Ground nuts, Cooking Soda, Turmeric powder, Green Leaf

  • Take a bowl,to that add dosa batter, fried groundnuts, chopped onion, green chilly, salt, jeera, mustard seeds, turmeric powder, coriander, curry leaf, cooking soda
  • Mix up all finely like a thick batter
  • Take a pan (where you can find half ball shaped round in one pan around 7/11, available in markets) and pour dosa batter in it
  • Roast it on two sides, apply 1 spoon of oil
  • Serve with red chilly chetney (Second days dosa batter tastes yummy for this )

INGREDIENTS: Roasted dosa balls, Curd, Pappulu, Green Chilly, Dry/fresh Coconut, Salt

  • Take a mixy jar, add pappulu, coconut, green chillies, salt and grind well as an fine paste
  • Now take another bowl, mix well curd and the grinded paste without any lumps
  • Finally add roasted dosa balls into the curd
  • Let them soak for 15-20 minutes
  • Serves good with red chilly chetney or Kobberakaram


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