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INGREDIENTS: Boiled raw rice/Yuppudu biyam (2 glasses), Plain raw rice (2 glasses), Urad dal (1 glass), Atukulu (1/2 glass), Salt, Cooking soda

  • Mix boiled rice, plain rice, urad dal, atukulu in water for around 3-5 hours
  • Grind finely after 3-5 hours using water , add salt while grinding, take it out like thick batter in an big bowl double the quantity of batter
  • Let it be aside for over 1night
  • While using it in the morning add cooking soda
  • Take a pan, pour dosa batter on it like small set dosa size
  • Roast it on one side in low flame by applying 1spoon of oil and close lid for a minute
  • Serve with onion chutney
Using the same left out batter, dosa balls or guntha ponganau or ponganalu  can be prepared


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