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8:40 AM

INGREDIENTS: Ground nuts, Pappulu(legumes), Red chilly, Onion, Salt, Tamarind paste, Dry coconut, Jagri/bellam (if interested)

  • To the mixy jar, add groundnuts, pappulu, salt, tamarind paste, dry coconut, jagri
  • Grind all the ingredients finely
  • Now add cutted onion pieces and girnd like kacha pacha ( onion should remain half grinded, if not no problem, just for look)
  • Serve raw chetney for Atukula dosa/Aapam
  • The same chetney can be served for chapathi, for this just take a pan pour 7-8 spoons of oil, fry well the grinded chetney and serve
  • Image shows fried onion chetney used for chapathis
  • If fried finely, this stays for 4-5 days, without spoiling


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