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8:24 AM
INGREDIENTS: Atukulu (Rice flakes), Raw rice, Soar Curd, Salt, Cooking soda

  • Take a bowl saok 3glasses of raw rice and 1glass of thick atukulu (both properly cleaned) for 3-5 hours in only curd fully (if curd is more soar, add half milk & half curd)
  • After 5 hours remove excess curd water that settles on the top into a glass, grind finely by adding salt and the taken out curd water , as an thick batter and keep it in big bowl, as if batter should be filled only half of the bowl
  • Soak it all over 1night
  • While using it inthe morning add cooking soda
  • Now take a small pan, spread dosa on it like set dosa( small dosa)
  • Apply 1 spoon of oil and roast in on both side
  • Combination of onion chutney tastes good for this dosa


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