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10:07 AM
INGREDIENTS: Pasalu/Green mung bean (1 glass), Raw rice (1 glass), Salt, Cooking soda, Onion, Oil, Jeera (cumin seeds), Curry leaf, Coriander, Green chilly

  • Clean up pasalu & raw rice, then soak pasalu and raw rice in water for 3-5 hours
  • After that grind it by adding required amount of salt and using water as an thick batter
  • Let it soak for over 1 night, in an big bowl (bowl should be double the dosa batter)
  • Take dosa pan, spread pasarrat batter on it, roast well using oil
  • Finally add chopped onion, green chilly(if interested), jeera, curry leaf cutted, coriander and close lid for a minute in low flame
  • Ground nut chetney/ Ginger(allam) chetney tastes good for this
  • Apply ground nut/allam chetney on pasarrat and then give topping, check out the taste!!!!!!!
Using the same left out batter, dosa balls or guntha ponganau or ponganalu  can be prepared


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