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  • Heres asolution for it!!!!!!!!!!!
    While grinding dosa batter in mixy jar, add Rice flakes/atukulu (1/2 cup), if not borugulu(murmuras), or menthulu (fenu greek seeds, 4-5), and grind finely, dosa will come out so softly. Check urself and see the difference.
  • Cut onion top as an round piece, rub it on the dosa pan and then make dosa on it, dosa will come without any cuts/breaks


  1. Excellent Job Prathi, few recipies are copied from Maa Voori vanta right.............:)
    just kidiing eveni saw them so i knew it......
    any ways great work

  2. Thnq 4 comment
    You can find only 2/3 recipes from maa voori vanta which I liked and want to share with frnz. That is the reason I have updated my blog with those recipes, hope there is no wrong in that.