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2:20 PM
INGREDIENTS: Oil/Butter/Ghee, Paneer, Baby corn, Carrot, Basmati rice, Beans Tomato,
Onion, Podhina(mint leaves), Ginger Garlic paste, Salt, Peas, Cashew, Green chilly, Lavangam(cloves), Dalchina Chekka(cinnamom), Elachi(cardamom), Kaju(cashews), Ajnomoto

  • Deep fry paneer in oil/ghee and keep aside
  • Then take cooker, add 5-6 spoons of oil/butter/ghee
  • Now add onions, beans, carrot, peas, ginger garlic paste and fry well.
  • Mean while in a mixy grind green chilly, kaju, tomato, cashew, podhina, lavanga, elachi, dalchina chekka, mogga as fine paste
  • Now add fried paneer, cashew, grinded paste, salt, cleaned raw rice soaked in water for ½ our in the cooker and mix well Finally add ajnomoto, coriander, water (for 1 glass rice 2glasses of water is required) and close the cooker and wait till 3vigils.
  • Open cooker after it gets cooled and serve hot with raitha.


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