12:10 AM

INGREDIENTS: Oil, Alu, Onion, Pepper, Sugar, Salt, Jilakara(cumin seeds), Red chilly Powder, Dalchina Chekka(cinnamom), Cloves(Lavangam), Ginger Garlic paste, Raw Rice.


  • Take cooker , add 5-6 spoons of oil

  • Fry Jilakara, onion, ginger garlic paste, ½ t spoon chekka mogga lavanga powder, 2spoons sugar, water(1 and half glass water for 1glass rice), salt, red chilly powder, mix well

  • When water starts boiling add rice

  • Now close the lid of cooker n cook till 1vigil and off the stove

  • Then remove pressure slowly, open the lid mix well and close the once again and keep aside.

  • Now deep fry alu in oil, and place in paper napkin to observe excess oil,

  • Now add salt, pepper, red chilly powder to it and mix well

  • Finally take plate serve rice in it and keep alu on it and garnish with coriander.

  • Tastes good when served with onion, tomato and cucumber raitha.


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