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8:58 AM
INGREDIENTS: 1Glass kandhi pappu(toor dal), 3Glasses raw rice, Jeera(cumin seeds), Mustard seeds(avalu), Curry leaf, Coriander, Chopped onion, Chopped green chilly/green chilly paste, Salt, Grated carrot, Fresh green peas & Corn (if interested), Soar curd, Water,Oil


  • Kandinuka Preparation: Finely clean up raw rice and kandhi pappu and grind them as nuka (not fine powder just like minute crystals), this powder can be stored in a box for around 1-2 months
  • Take a bowl, add kandinuka powder, chopped onion, green chillypaste/ chopped green chilly, salt, mustard seeds, jeera, curry leaf, coriander, grated carrot, fresh peas & american sweet corn (if interested)
  • Mix up all togeather using soar curd and water (in the half half ratio, if you add curd in more quantity dosa does not come out properly )
  • Take a pan, pour dosa batter on it (like samll set dosas ), apply 1 spoon of oil, roast it in low flame by closing lid one side
  • Dosa is ready to serve now
  • Tastes good with lemon pickle / raw green chilly paste


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