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10:51 AM
INGREDIENTS: Avalu (mustard seeds), Jeera (cumin seeds), Curry leaves, Coriander, Turmeric, Salt, Red chilly powder, Green chillies, Onion (1 medium sized), Tomato(4 medium sized), Alu (3 in no.), Dhaniya powder, Jeera powder, Garam masala


  • Boil alu, peel of the outer layer, mash it into pieces
  • Place kadai on flame, heat 2 spoons of oil
  • Add avalu, jeera and wait till they pop
  • Add curry leaves, coriander, long thinly cut onions, green chillies and fry till golden brown
  • Now add boiled and cut alu and cook for a while
  • Add 1 chopped tomato and saute till soft
  • Give seasoning by adding salt, pinch of turmeric, t spn jeera powder, dhaniya powder, red chilly powder and mix well
  • Now add tomato puree (use 3 tomatoes) and simmer for few minutes
  • Finally add pinch of garam masala, cook well, dish out
  • Garnish with coriander and serve
  • Tastes good with Chapathis, puris, dosa, rice..


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