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4:42 AM

INGREDIENTS: Kandha ginjalu (Yam seeds), Salt, Red chilly powder, Onion, Oil, Avalu (mustard seeds), Coriander, Curry leaves, Turmeric

  • Place kadai or frying pan on flame, heat 1 table spoons of oil
  • Add avalu, jeera, curry leaves and fry till they splitter
  • Now add chopped onions, Yam seeds and cook till soft (fresh yam seeds are so tender and takes just 5 minutes to cook)
  • Now add salt, red chilly powder, pinch of turmeric, and saute for a while
  • Finally garnish with coriander and serve..
  • Tastes good as an snack, side dish 
  • Even goes well with rice, chapathis...


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