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One of the soft and smoothest dosa is atukula dosa, that comes out with lots of wholes as seen inthe image, very delicious to taste and that is roasted only on one side by closing the lid

INGREDIENTS: Raw rice, Atukulu (rice flakes), Salt, Soar curd

  • Add 3 glasses of raw rice and 1 glass of rice flakes in a bowl and clean well using water
  • Drain off water completely
  • Add soar curd to the rice and rice flakes bowl and mix well till rice and flakes soaks completely in curd
  • Let it be aside for 3 -4 hours
  • Now grind into thick batter 
  • Let it ferment for 1 night or 7 to 8 hours
  • Now take the quantity you require add salt, mix well
  • Make dosas, by closing the lid and cook as many as you require and serve
  • Apply little oil while roasting
  • Roasting will be done only one side for this type of dosa
  • Roasting on both sides is optional
  • Tastes god with onion legumes chutney (reffer chutney and pachadis section for recepie)
Using the same left out batter, dosa balls or guntha ponganau or ponganalu  can be prepared


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