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Poli, one of the famous sweet liked by many people and hindus make this sweet for many festivals tastes so yummy when served with milk or ghee, bit time consuming process using toor dal, jaggery ..

INGREDIENTS: Toor dal (kandhi pappu), Bengal Gram (senagapappu), Jaggery (bellam), Gasagasalu (poppy seeds), Oliga rava (siroti rava, poli rava), Oil

  • Boil 1 glass of toor dal and 1 glass of bengal gram in an pressure cooker by adding 1 and half glass of water for 2 whistles
  • Now once the cooker is ccoled, remove lid, drain off water completely, add 1 and half glass of jaggery in to it and leave for 15 minutes
  • Now grind this mix into thick paste, without adding any water, this is known as poornam
  • Now for dough, 
  • Add required amount of sirotti rava in an bowl, mix it using water into loose dough
  • Add oil on it and keep aside
  • Now make poornam into small portions 
  • Take small portion of siroti rava / oliga rava mix, make it into small puri on plastic paper
  • Place the poornam into it, close it as an pack
  • Now spread this into big round like  rottes, sprinkle poppy seeds on it and press 
  • Place frying pan on flame, heat a spoon of oil
  • Place the prepare poli on it anf roast it in both sides
  • Delicious purn poli is ready to serve now
  • Tastes good with ghee or milk
Siroti rava can be replaced with maida (maize flour), and For garnishing sprinkle dry grated coconut, saripappu, or cashews on it and serve


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