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6:05 AM

INGREDIENTS: Carrot, Betroot, Potatoes, Corn flour. Cashews, Pepper, Salt, Cumin seeds powder (jeera powder), Green chillies, Oil, Rice flour (biyyapindi)

  • Boil all the vegetables, cool them and grate (thuramadam) them
  • Mix grated alu and carrot in a bowl as dough by adding little salt and pepper
  • In another bowl, add chopped cashews, green chillies, grated betroot, jeera powder, salt, into fine dough and make them into small ping pong sized balls
  • Mix corn flour in water like a batter, add little salt
  • In another cup, mix rice flour in water, add pinch of salt
  • Using carrot, alu dough make small patties like puris and stuff the prepared ping pong sized balls in it and pack well
  • Dip the ball in rice flour batter and deep fry in oil
  • While deep frying pour little corn flour batter on the top directly
  • Make such balls as many as you need
  • Drain out of oil into paper plate napkin
  • Garnish with onion rings, lemon and serve..
  • Tastes good with tomato ketchup..


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