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Among few Sankranthi specil recepies, arasalu is one of the famous sweet, that is prepared for this festival

INGREDIENTS: Dry coconut, Rice flour, Jaggery (bellam), Oil, Nuvvulu (seasame seeds), Ghee

  • Clean rice, pat dry for 2 days
  • Now grind it into powder /coarse flour
  • Take 1 glass of rice flour, to it add 3/4 th glass of dry coconut and mix well
  • Now place an bowl on flame, add 3/4 th cup of jaggery and water into it and boil till thick pakam (pakam should be such that wen we touch it with 2 fingers we should see an stick like layer in between the fingers)
  • Once pakam is ready, place flame in low, and start adding rice floor and dry coconut mix into it and mix slowly without any lumps, 
  • Add 3-4 spoons of ghee on it
  • Leave this for one night
  • Then place kadai on flmae, heat oil for deep fry
  • Now make the prepared paste into small rounds on plastic paper and keep an hole in middle 
  • Sprinkle seasame seeds on it and press to sticken
  • Now deep fry them in oil till golden brown
  • Then take out and press on an paper napkin cover to drain off excess oil
  • Make such as many as you need or till the complete dough finishes
  • Yummy yummy arasalu are ready to eat, Serve hot or cool
  • Can be stored in an container for around 15 days


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