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5:39 AM
INGREDIENTS: Ghee, Sugar, Water, Bread, Elachi (cardamom), Saffron (kunkuma puvva), Cashews (kaju), Badam (almonds), Kismiss (dry grapes, yendu draksha), Milk

  • Apply ghee on both sides of bread
  • Take a frying pan, roast bread till brown on both sides, & make them into pieces
  • Now take a bowl, add 2 glasses of water and 1 & 1/2 glass sugar and boil it
  • Add elachi (cinnamon) powder and saffron for flavour, (or) beaten elachi seeds directly into boiling water
  • Wait till u get thiga pakam (sugar syrup should become thick when touched with 2 fingers, it should show thin thread like layer in between your fingers)
  • Now add roasted bread pieces and mix well till soft and off the flame
  • Finally Pour a glass of milk on the sweet
  • Fry dry fruits in ghee seperately (cashew & badam first then kismiss)
  • Garnish with dry fruits on sweet and serve cool


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