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4:08 AM
INGREDIENTS: Oliga rava/Peni rava/Poli rava/Sirotti rava, Water, Oil, Salt, Plastic cover

  • Take a bowl, pour 1glass of water into it, add 2-3 spoons of oil, pinch of salt in between and let it boil
  • While you observe water is hot, add 1glass of oliga rava into it slowly in low flame and keep on stirring without any lumps
  • Switch off stove and take out the bowl
  • Mix the dough as finely, and make small tomato size balls
  • Now take a plastic cover, apply oil on the cover, place some mixed dough on it and press it thinly (like rottis, chapathis) using your fingers if not you can place one more cover on it and press it using chapathi maker stick for ease
  • Now keep dosa pan on stove, apply oil, keep the prepared puri with cover itself on pan, after a minute, remove cover slowly, roast it on both sides by applying oil
  • Finally take it into a plate, serve it using pesarappu (green gram dal)
[Cover used should be such that it does not take flame, for example outer packs of cigerette covers available in provisional shops, (or) silver colour coated shiny paper plates of normal dosa size can be used to make]


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