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INGREDIENTS: Paneer, Maida, Baking powder, Sugar, Water

  • Take fresh home made paneer in to a bowl
  • Mix well softly without any lumps (mudhalu lekunda)
  • To the same bowl add little maida (maize flour), 1 t-spoon baking powder and mix softly
  • Keep water in a bowl on flame, add sugar, boil it and make sugar syrup
  • Now make small balls like rasgullas using your hands, press softly
  • Add these balls into sugar syrup (1 sugar : 1 water) and boil in low falme for 10-15 min's
  • If you cook in high flame, rasgullas get cracks and break
  • Chill in refrigerator and serve cool

Paneer preparation - Boil milk, when milk gets boiled completely, add 3-4 spoons of lemon juice or venegar and break it. Take a soft cotton cloth, pour the breaked milk in it, drain out liquid completely, roll the cloth, keep some weight on it, so thats excess water, milk goes away and paneer comes out.


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