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11:19 AM
INGREDIENTS: Oil, Avalu (mustard seeds), Jeera (cumin seeds), Urad dal (vudhiballu), Bengal gram (senaga ballu), Curry leaves, Coriander, Ground nuts, Onions, Red chillies, Mint leaves, Turmeric powder (pasupu), Tamarind paste, Dhaniya (coriander seeds)

  • Take a frying pan, heat 2-3 spoons of oil, add avalu, jeera, rad dal, bengal gram and fry
  • Then add red chillies, ground nuts, onions, curry leaves and shallow fry
  • Now add turmeric powder, mint leaves, coriander seeds and fry till mint leaves loose their raw smell
  • Finally add coriander , tamarind paste and mix well
  • Off flame, let all the ingredients get cooled
  • Now take a mixy jar, add all the cooled and fried ingredients in toit and grind as an fine paste
  • Finally add chopped raw onion pieces and mix well
  • Serve with hot hot rice..


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