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INGREDIENTS: Idly soji (idly rava, available in market), Urad dal (vudhipappu), Salt, Cooking soda, Water

  • Soak 1 glass of Urad dal in water for 3 hours, after 3 hours drain out water into another bowl
  • Take mixy jar, add urad dal, little water and grind it as an fine paste
  • To the same jar add 3 glasses of idly soji/rava and grind using little water as an thick batter
  • Now take this batter into a big bowl (quantity of batter should be half of the bowl only) and let soak over 1 full night
  • While using add little salt, pinch of cooking soda & mix well
  • Now take idly plates, greese some oil in it, pour the batter
  • Keep this in cooker and boil for 10-12 minutes (till you observe vapour coming out fully) without whistle
  • Later off the flame, take out idlys
  • Serve hot with ground nut chutney or sambar..
Raw idly rice OR Boiled rice is also available in market, if you want to use that soak 3 glasses of idly rice OR boiled rice along with 1 glass urad dal in water for 3 hours and grind as thick batter


INGREDIENTS: Oil, Avalu (mustard seeds), Jilakara(cumin seeds), Curry leaves, Red chillies, Onions, Tomatoes, Carrot, Coconut, Dhaniya (coriander seeds), Gasagasalu (poppy seeds), Garlic pieces, Dalchina chekka (cinnamon), Lavangam (cloves), Toor dal (kandhi pappu), Turmeric powder, Tamarind paste/juice, Salt, Rasam powder, Sambar powder

  • Take kadai, heat 3-4 spoons of oil, add avalu, jilakara, curry leaves, red chillies and fry
  • Now add cut onions, carrot and fry till cooked
  • Later add tomatoes, pinch of salt and saute
  • Now in mixy jar, grind coconut, dhaniya, gasagasalu, garlic pieces as an fine powder and add this paste in to kadai
  • Boil toor dal in cooker, remove excess water and hand blend it
  • Add this hand blended toor dal paste into the kadai
  • Then add pinch of cinnamon and cloves powder (or can relace with little garam masala), salt,turmeric powder, tamarind juice, spoon of rasam powder, sambar powder
  • Boil all the ingredients till cooked
  • Finally garnish with coriander
  • Serve hot with idlies, plain dosas..


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