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INGREDIENTS: Oil, Mustard (avalu), Cumin seeda (Jeera), Urad dal, Bengal gram (senaga pappu), Ground nuts, Onion, Curry leaf, Coriander, Jaggery(bellam), Green chilly paste, Turmeric powder, Tamarind paste, Water, Biyapunuka (Raw rice rava), Turmeric powder

  • Raw rice rava (biyapunuka) : Clean up raw rice neatly, pat dry it for 4-5 days, then give to flour mill and ask to grind like fine rava (just as like our yupma rava), refine/filter rava and flour seperately and fry once on the pan , so that this can be stored for 2-3 months without any insects .
  • Take a kadai, pour 5-6 spoons of oil into it, let it heat, add cumin seeds, jeera, urad dal, chenna dal, ground nuts, and fry, then add curry laeves, onions cutted as cubes, let it fry for few more minutes
  • Now add green chilly paste/pieces, jaggery (small piece), salt, turmeric powder, coriander and mix well all the ingredients
  • Now take a bowl , make tamarind paste and add it to the kadai, and mix again
  • Finally add 3 glasses of water (for 1glass rava), close the lid of kadai, let water boil ntil u see the vapour coming out of kadai
  • Now keep the stove in low flame, start adding rava slowly and stir continuously without any lumps and close the lid for few minutes.
  • Now the dish is cooked, can be served with some pickle, curd.