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8:46 AM
INGREDIENTS: Spring onion (vulli kura), Rice flour (biyapindi), Cumin seeda (jera), Mustard (avalu), Seasame seeds (white nuvvulu), Moong dal (pesara pappu), Salt, Oil, Red chilly powder, Ginger garlic paste, Hot water, Turmeric powder (pasupu)

  • Take a bowl, fill water in it and add chopped spring onion into it and boil for 5minutes

  • Drain out water and take them into a bowl, to the same bowl add Rice flour, jeera, gingerly seeds, besan seeds, salt, red chilly powder, ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder and mix well all finely using hot water like chapathi dough

  • Now using the dough prepare small ovals around 3'-4' in size (like bullets), keep aside

  • Take a pan, pour 8-9 table spoons of oil in it, after it gets heated, add cumin seeda, jeera then prepared bullets, close the lid of the pan for around 3-4 minutes let them fry, later drain the oil, take out in paper napkin plate

  • Garnish with coriander if interested

  • Serve hot with tomato sauce


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